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Attention that you give to your home's exterior is going to show, and not just from the curb. The interior of your home can reflect what's going on outside your house.An example of this are water stains that can build on your walls if your roof leaks.

Keeping the value of your home's exterior high

Cracks in your house's structure and windows invites more than cold air inside,potentially driving up your utility bills. Cracks in the your house's exterior can serve as entryways for pests, which, in turn, can cause damage to flooring, walls, doorways and furniture.

One of the biggest home exterior concerns is your roof. Maintenance tips for your roof include removing heavy snow, accumulating leaves and other debris from your roof and gutters. Also, remove broken tree limbs from your house. If you cut down dead trees, you could prevent major damages from happening to your house during a violent storm.

To maintain your roof, inspect and replace curled or missing roof tiles. Also, get discolored tiles inspected, as this could be a sign of water damage. Contact your local utility company if utility wires are hanging too close to your roof.

More ways to improve your home's exterior

Wash and dry porch furniture and wood porch floorboards. Tighten or replace loose porch floorboards. Signs that wood floorboards need to be replaced include discolored, spotted or soft wood.

Similar to inspecting and caring for porch floorboards, check your driveway. Look for cracks, discoloration and holes. If your driveway is made of stones, notice if stones are missing or discolored. It's easier and less costly to replace one to three stones, floorboards or concrete pieces than it is to redo your entire porch or driveway.

At your actual house, seal up cracks in windows and doorways. Depending on the design of your house, a simple white caulk may work well. Over time, you may need to replace windowsills and exterior window trimming. That or you may simply need to repaint window trimming.

Regular care to the exterior of your house pays off

In addition to cutting down dead trees, keep bushes and shrubs evenly trimmed. If you've ever seen a yard decorated with evenly trimmed hedges or bushes, you know how much neatly trimmed greenery adds to a property.

Another maintenance step that you'll have to take involves your actual lawn. Not only will you need to repaint flowers, including annuals, after you've lived at your home for so many years, you may also need to re-sod your lawn. Give yourself at least two weekends to finish this work if you have a large front and back yard. By regularly mowing and treating your front and back lawn, you keep your house appealing. You also keep your lawn healthy.

The exterior of your home influences your overall appreciation for your house. Lots of weeds in your front or back lawn, a deteriorating roof and dirty siding can be a turn off. Regular maintenance helps you to get and keep a healthy lawn. It also strengthens your walkway, driveway, porch furniture and other exterior parts of your home.