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The Pope of Realty…
Successfully marketing the prestigious homes of
New Hampshire’s Souhegan Valley and Monadnock Regions since 2002.

Your home is “a cut above”…
….thus it not only deserves, but requires marketing that’s “a cut above.”

And that’s exactly what The Pope of Realty delivers.

Because more than 83% of all Southern New Hampshire home buyers begin their search on the Internet, I begin your marketing with the production of a professionally shot full length video and photo gallery. These are posted on my site, while information on your listing goes out to the Multiple Listing Service, Realtor.com, and over 50 other real estate sites – each with a link back to the video and/or photos.

To ensure even more exposure, videos of my Monadnock and Souhegan Valley homes for sale are also placed on sites such as Facebook, YouTube (the world’s second largest search engine), Revver, Daily Motion, Oodle, Zillow, and Trulia.

Then I use social media, blogging, press release announcements, and even newspaper interviews to drive visitors to your listing on my site. I guarantee Google page one placement for your listing through my site with no further search required once buyers are landed on my site.

But of course, 17% of the people searching for a house for sale in Southern New Hampshire don’t use the Internet, and we don’t want to ignore them. To ensure that every potential buyer is exposed to my highly valued listings, I also place ads in the Real Estate Book, create high-quality listing sheets to go with signage, and include telephone contact information with occasional newspaper interviews and Press announcements.
Because so many consumers searching for a home in the Monadnock and Souhegan Valley regions of NH use exclusive buyers agents, I also cooperate fully with competing Southern New Hampshire real estate agents.

Finally, I send postcard campaigns to a targeted audience of buyers searching for a prestigious home in Monadnock or the Souhegan Valley.

When you list with the Pope of Realty, your Southern New Hampshire home will receive maximum exposure in the marketplace.

But of course, marketing is the second step. The first step is listing at the correct price.

The many and varied features and amenities in a home such as yours dictate that a true market analysis be prepared – one that goes far beyond comparing the total square feet and the number of bedrooms and baths. My analysis looks at market statistics from many angles and these same statistics are presented to you along with a logical and simple write-up so that you too can follow my pricing logic and raise any questions you may have. Usually there is a point of convergence among many varied pricing methods.

I take the time to prepare such an analysis, because the key to selling at the highest possible price is to list at the correct price from the outset. Those that do not price correctly at the outset of their marketing, WILL end up having to make larger subsequent price drops to reinvigorate their listing in the eyes of buyers and agents alike. In this market environment, sellers that actually close on their home sales, have seen that the bottom does come up, but only when initially priced correctly. The key is to give away nothing extra and to be able to defend one’s price with market data and certainty.

When you entrust the marketing of your home to me, you’ll also get service that’s a cut above…

My service commitment to you begins with communication…

You’re a busy person. You don’t have time to chase your Realtor around, asking for information and wondering when or if you’ll get a call back. And … you don’t have time to repeat your requests or instructions.

When you list your prestigious Souhegan Valley or Monadnock home for sale with The Pope of Realty, you won’t have to do either. I’ll not only listen well, I’ll keep you up to date on everything affecting your listing – whether it’s the results or feedback of a showing, or market conditions – or the results of inspections and appraisals after you’ve accepted an offer.

If you do have a question, you’ll find me easy to reach. I won’t always answer the phone because often I’m busy showing your home to a prospective buyer or in chasing the details so your transaction and those of my other clients run smoothly… But I will return your call at the first opportunity and email and my Android phone are always options with me for staying connected . In fact, I often use my Android as a tethered modem to connect to the Internet remotely on my netbook when there is no wireless network nearby.

Screening potential buyers is an important part of my service to you…

Some of those who would love to view your prestigious Southern New Hampshire home are simply not qualified to purchase it – no matter how much they love it.

I make every effort to screen potential buyers ahead of time, for two reasons. One is that showing to unqualified buyers is a waste of your time and mine. The other is for your safety and security. I seek to avoid letting anyone in for the purpose of “casing” your home for a future break-in. Our office schedules all showings through our showing desk which logs the agent against a defined set of known agents as well as the contact information for that agent.

When you can’t be there…

I will be. You have a busy life – and you may not be available to tend to the details that accompany a successful closing. You can close from away if necessary, we can arrange powers of attorney through our recommended closing companies.

When you’re ready to choose an agent to market your prestigious home for sale in the Monadnock or the Souhegan Valley regions of New Hampshire…

Call me at 603-562-5186 or write me via email to: Buddy@PopeSays.com

I’ll be happy to show you my marketing plan, answer your questions, and prepare a REAL market analysis for your home – based on today’s market. All in strict confidentiality and without obligation, of course.

In the meantime, please visit my Success Stories page to see what other Southern New Hampshire home sellers and buyers have to say about the service you can expect from the Pope of Realty.