New Hampshire Home Staging

I often get asked for my opinion on what needs to be done to make the home more attractive to increase the likelihood of a sale. The truth of the matter is that I know as much as I know, things like reducing clutter, cleaning out drawers, making sure kitchens and bathrooms are clean and that items of a personal nature are few if any.

I also know that spending money on the biggest square footage areas is where you will achieve the biggest bang for the buck areas like walls and floors which are relatively inexpensive to paint or buff out and re-urethane or cover with attractive oriental rugs are where your money investment really pays for itself. Family pictures should be minimal as you want to create enough visual space for the buyers to imaging their own belongings in the house, yet at the same time create a feeling of warmth.

Still, there are MANY that know a whole lot more about this stuff than I. My job is much more aligned to the marketing and of your home and the representation of your interests throughout the sale/and or purchase of your next home.

There is also a need to keep the appropriate distance between the listing agent (ME) and the seller (YOU) in any recommendations you get from me so you know that the advice you seek is not influenced by the agency relationship we may establish going forward to list your house.

So I decided to add the service of home staging and consultation to my site. Please click here: Staging New England.

I have extensively reviewed Jennifer’s work and have chatted with her at length to understand that this girl REALLY knows her stuff! Importantly, this service is offered at arm’s length from my services to you as a REALTOR, so you know you are getting suggestions directly from Jennifer and not through me.

I will pay the first $100 of any consulting fee directly to Jennifer in the event that you decide to use her services. She will deduct that from your bill. After you talk with her, I am sure you will use her and that she will positively effect the presentation your home can make.

In this market environment, sellers need every advantage.