How will The Pope of Realty market your Southern New Hampshire home?

Buyers looking for a home for sale in Southern New Hampshire today are well-informed. Their Internet searches show them how many homes are for sale in a given area, the amenities offered with each home, and approximately “how much house” they should get for their money.

That’s why my first step is to prepare a true market analysis, so that you’ll know the value of your home in the current market and can offer it at the correct price.

Getting the price right is crucial – there’s no room for guessing, nor for estimating the value of a home and property based on square footage, bedrooms, baths, and acreage alone. The numbers lay in all that plus looking at the market as a whole, maintaining an awareness of the news, interest rates (I’m a news junkie!) as well as looking at calculations taken from the active, expired, withdrawn, contingent, sold and pending data that our MLS software offers. For example: What is the average sold price per sq foot in your market area? Are there gaps in the next leg up or down that can be exploited for a quicker sale or for more money your way? What is the risk, what is the cost of money not realized, the cost of delay? That is just the beginning of a THOROUGH PRICE ANALYSIS!

A true market analysis considers those items, plus the other amenities your home and property offers. Then, to arrive at a realistic listing price, it compares them to other Southern New Hampshire homes that have sold recently – either in your immediate vicinity or in neighborhoods similar to yours or if there are no comparables to be found in recent sales, then in breaking the rules that appraisers are currently working by and breaking them in the correct order until comparable sales are found.

Finally, a comparison to other homes currently on the market is made, so you know the competition you face in the marketplace. That needs to be weighed also.

And then the marketing will begin…

starting with creation of the marketing materials that will grab buyers’ attention and imagination – and prompt them to call for an in-person look.

Those materials include:

  • A professional full length video tour of your home
  • Professional still photography
  • Press release announcements
  • Real Estate Book Ads
  • Information sheets to accompany signage
  • Postcards geared to targeted home seekers

Your video and photos will be posted on my site, and information will go out to the Multiple Listing Service,, and 50 other real estate sites – each with a link back to the video and photos.

To ensure even more exposure, videos of my Monadnock and Souhegan Valley homes for sale are also placed on sites such as Facebook, YouTube (the world’s second largest search engine), Revver, Daily Motion, Oodle, Zillow, and Trulia.

Off-line prospects and co-operating agents get proper attention, too…

Those who call from signs, print ads, and newspaper interviews always get a prompt reply, and I cooperate fully with other Southern New Hampshire real estate agents who wish to show my listings. Signage accounts for roughly 15% of all home sales…surprised? Does your signage promote calls with an easy to pickup listing sheet or flyer strategy?

Selling your home quickly for the highest possible price is my goal. That means I will do all in my power to ensure that every agent in our marketplace is not only aware of your Souhegan Valley and Monadnock region home for sale – but knows that I will welcome their participation in selling your home.

If you want to sell quickly, for the right price…

Call or write the Pope of Realty today…

I’ll be happy to meet with you, explain the marketing program I use to sell my Souhegan Valley and Monadnock region homes, and I will at that point share my current information about the marketplace.

And, if you like, I’ll prepare a no-obligation market analysis of your property.