Advice On Selecting Home Building Upgrades | Southern NH Home Building

One of the benefits of home building is the ability to change the design with a variety of upgrades. However, this can get complicated if not coordinated properly. The advice on selecting home building upgrades below should help diminish the complications.

Understand What Options Are Available

Most builders have a set list of allowable upgrades. Even if not listed, other upgrades may be permitted if you ask (this ultimately varies by builder). You will need to include precise information on upgrades to get an accurate price from the builder. Changes beyond the standard list can make your home special.

Keep Deadlines In Mind

Houses are built according to a certain timeline. Everything has a timeframe and a certain sequence. The adding of upgrades must fit into that building process. Make note of the timeframes for making decisions on particular upgrades. Acting too late will make certain things impossible or make it more costly. For instance, the optimal time to pre-wire for surround sound is before drywall is installed.

Document All Changes

When adding upgrades, make sure you document them. This helps everyone stay informed and will protect your interests. Be as specific as possible in your explanation of the upgrade. For example, if you select a certain brand or finish, provide that in the write-up.

Tell Your Mortgage Company About Upgrades

If financing the property, you might want to add the cost of upgrades into your home loan. First of all, find out if this is an option because it will raise the loan amount. Most builders ask that you pay for upgrades in advance, but it could be considered as another deposit when calculating money required at closing. All adjustments to your loan amount must be reviewed and approved by the mortgage company before the loan is approved, so it is best to inform them as soon as possible. Last minute modifications can delay the closing date.

Additional Advice On Selecting Home Building Upgrades

As with any part of the real estate process, paperwork and time frames are especially important for new construction. Choosing the right real estate broker and loan officer can be a big help. Effective communication among everyone involved can reduce any stress and complications. For further advice on selecting home building upgrades, contact Buddy Pope at Bean Group.