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Dear Buddy,
Saturday, my contractor completed the replacement of weather damaged clapboards above four windows on the Northern side of our home on Fox Den Drive in Hollis.
Well, we owe all this to you. We could not have sold our property, at the right price, without your help from March until now. Your marketing/sales process was integral to the success of the sale of our home. Yes, even your post closing reminders to complete the clapboard repair we committed to do was very professional.
When I look back on your efforts on our behalf in marketing our property I am in awe of your thoroughness and attention to detail. You advised us in March that marketing the property to builders was a time consuming process. We would have to be patient to give you and the builders time to evaluate the property, meet with the town boards, consult with their lawyers, and to do their numbers before making an offer. They would have to see the merits of the undertaking. I was so impressed that you kept turning over every stone of possibility for them to consider.
After meeting the uncertainty of the builders over the development potential of our 21 acres, you suggested a feasibility study by an engineering and surveying company. That data shook out many of the uncertainties. We made pricing adjustments with your council and tested the market at several levels over the next 4-5 months. You were relentless in your postcards and follow-up with every builder in the area. From March to July we made several price reductions. Then, in August, from two price points you had recommended, we made an aggressive price move. We opted for the Estate sales price and an extraordinary family revealed themselves in just three days. You had done it. We were soft-landed into a marketable price we were comfortable with and the buyer was set for a well-timed beginning of Hollis schools. With a quick closing of September 2, 2005 we passed title.
So I return to why I am writing this letter. It is for all those details that you attended to beyond the call of duty. You always put yourself in our place, never pushing your own agenda, just ours.
Thank-you for a job well done.
David Wheeler

Over the course of buying and selling many many residential properties, we knew that enlisting the help of a successful, professional real estate broker was essential to a successful sale.The Monadnock region can be a tough market, and we have seen properties languish on the market for many seasons and often more than one year.After talking with many people, there was consensus in our market and price point, and that was Buddy.Here is what Buddy did:-He responded very quickly to our inquiry. We found that this is Buddy's MO: he is always responsive.-He came out to talk to us about listing and selling our house. Buddy was very professional and walked us through the process as he saw it. This is also Buddy's MO: He communicates well- he gets the big picture and he gets the small details. Throughout our engagement, Buddy checked in just the right amount- he clearly understood what we wanted regarding communication and he was consistent in his checking in and updating us.-While Buddy is super responsive, he doesn't oversell or use pressure. He is the kind of guy who wants to make sure that there is a good fit. In our case, he told us what we could expect from him and from the process. This is exactly what we got. No surprises. Well, one surprise, but I'll save that for the end.-Buddy doesn't make promises that he cant deliver on. He does not set up false expectations. He did a very professional market survey, not only educating himself on our property and our micro market, but he was also educating us. We worked out a pricing strategy and because he did this from a deep market survey, we felt really comfortable with the pricing strategy.-We got the impression that Buddy would advocate for us, while at the same time treating any potential buyer with respect and consideration. This is exactly what we wanted: a broker who would be honest and ethical. Buddy was honest and ethical throughout from start to finish.-I could go on in detail about the ways Buddy helped to facilitate our sale: how he suggested we price and present the house; how to market; what improvements we should make, etc etc.-When offers came in on the house, Buddy calmly and professionally helped us to negotiate the successful sale of our property. No drama, no histrionics.Our one surprise? A wonderful surprise. We had an excellent offer, a drama free sale, all within a timeframe far far more quickly than we ever could have expected.Kudos to Buddy. We recommend him with complete confidence.Richard MannPrinciple/ Exec. VP.Red River Company, Inc.

Richard Mann Principal/Exec VP Red River Company